Zenith, scheda tecnica del pellet francese

Pellet Zenith

Zenith is produced in France by Piveteau Bois sas, a DIN Plus 7A109 certified company  .

Piveteau Bois sas is an important company that diversifies its business from green building to pellets. As indicated on the institutional website, the pellet is obtained from sawdust, dried and pressed, without the addition of binding additives.

As mentioned, the company is Din Plus certified, the first in France to obtain this certification. With its two production plants, the Zenith producer is the largest in France in terms of annual quantity (data from 2014).

Zenith is a softwood pellet, below are the technical characteristics of this fuel from beyond the Alps.

The data sheet with the characteristics:

  • ESSENCES 100% Conifers
  • DIAMETER 6 ± 0.5 mm
  • LENGTH = 40 mm
  • HUMIDITY <10%
  • FINE POWDERS <0.5%
  • ADDITIVES = 2%
  • PCI = 5 kWh / kg

In summary, French pellets , softwood, DIN Plus certified. We leave other considerations to those who have tried Zenith pellets and have entered the reviews in the appropriate section, here it is .